How do I upload my images?

Use our online layout tool on the “Concierge Professional Design” page. If you want us to design your wallet you can upload your images from the “Design Your Own Wallet” page using ShareFile.

Does a ThinFolio hold Euro bills?

Absolutely! The main bill compartment easily holds bills up through the 50 Euro note. The wallet also holds 100 and 500 Euro notes in the “hidden” pockets. The wallet also holds Swiss Francs perfectly. You can see a 50 Euro in action here.

Can I order wallets for my company, event or wedding?

Oh yeah! You can tweet at us on Twitter at @ThinFolio or contact us via the Corporate & Events page

How will my photo look on the wallet?

Amazing. Our color reproduction and detail are second to none. We use the latest in digital printing technology and have an entirely digital workflow to ensure accurate color management.

Do you really make these in Sausalito?

You betcha. We have found that printing, finishing, cutting, sewing and shipping in our production studio is the best way to make the best possible product. No production is outsourced, it’s all done in the city by the sea.

Can I use your digital workflow software for my company?

Yes. Our supply chain & production management system was built by Forward Thought and runs our complete web-to-production digital workflow.