“ThinFolio is taking the “boring old wallet” and transforming it into a product that will be a unique source of joy for each and every person who owns one.”

About Your Wallet


There are little things in your world that make you who you are. Your creativity, your adventures, your accomplishments, your family, your pets and things that set you apart from all the rest. Each time you pull out your ThinFolio wallet, you can see that special piece of your world peek out.

Handcrafted in Sausalito

ThinFolio wallets are ultrathin bi-fold wallets 100% handcrafted here in Sausalito, California. Each wallet features images selected by you. We print your images on tough, waterproof, recycled Tyvek and cut, sew and ship worldwide from our production studio.

No, Seriously

We do the printing.  We do the finishing.  We do the cutting.  And yes, we do the sewing.  All right here in Sausalito, California. We even pack your wallet and write all the software ourselves. It’s the best way to ensure that your wallet is built absolutely perfect, just for you.

The Perfect Gift

ThinFolio wallets are perfect gifts for the “difficult to buy for” people in your life.
What do you get for someone who seems to have everything? Something that they can personalize with the things they love.